Mayor’s Court

Albany Mayor’s Court serves as a local judicial forum to rule on misdemeanor offenses alleged to be in violation of the Village Codified Ordinances. Those charged with municipal violations come before a licensed magistrate to have their cases heard.      

Mayor’s Court is held monthly at Albany Village Hall.

view calendar or call Village Hall at 740-698-6127 for more information. 

  • All requests for continuances must be made prior to the court date.
  • All payments will first be applied to court costs.
  • The Village of Albany has instituted the following fees for services effective July 20, 2017:

Court Costs are $75.00

Late Fee (for payment more than 5 days past due$10.00
Failure to Pay or Appear Notice Processing Fee$10.00
Continuance – firstno charge
Continuance – all subsequent$10.00
Payment Plan (3-month limit on bond waiver)$10.00
License Forfeiture/Non-Resident Violator Compact$15.00
Registration Block Processing Fee$15.00
Warrant Block or Warrant Issuance Fee$15.00
Certified Mail$10.00
Expungement Application$50.00
Returned Check/NSF Fee$25.00
Photocopies (per page).06¢
State Imposed Bond Fee$25.00