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Utility Hearing Board

A Utility Hearing Board is available to hear village-owned utility concerns including;

  • any customer appeal of a Termination of Service Notice.
  • other disputes, claims, or customer complaints.
  • charges brought forth by the Village in regard to any issued citation regarding Village-owned utilities.

If a hearing is requested, the customer:

  • has the right to appear at the hearing with or without legal representation.
  • has the right to present evidence and make oral argument to the Hearing Board.
  • has the right to a new meter reading if the reading is in dispute.
  • has the right to cross-examine witnesses at the hearing.
  • has the right to examine, at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled hearing, a list of all documents, records, and similar material related to the dispute.
  • shall bring to the hearing all information that is of importance to or which may be referred to or used by the customer.
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