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Street Department

Report a Street Light Problem

Notice a street light that needs to be fixed? Outages, flickering or any other problems with a street light should be reported to AEP. You can contact the Albany Public Works Department and we will forward your report to AEP or contact AEP directly by clicking on the AEP logo to the right.

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Brush pickup is provided only during specific spring and fall periods.

The Village will collect small branches and sticks that are not tied in bundles resulting from natural causes such as storm, wind, and ice or from pruning provided they are less than four feet in length.

Absolutely no limbs, sticks, or other debris will be collected from the cutting down of trees and shrubs or of landscaping. 

Brush should NOT be placed on the street.

Street Department

Services and Responsibility

  • Repair and Maintenance of Village Streets and all Village-owned buildings.
  • Maintenance and Repair of sanitary infrastructure.
  • Inspection of resident owned sanitary laterals and grinders connecting to Village sanitary mains
  • Snow removal and salting of streets
  • Street blocking and traffic control for events
  • Tree and Park Maintenance – grass mowing, litter pick-up, etc.
  • Maintenance of storm drain system
  • Brush pickup (during scheduled times)
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