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Albany Zoning Code.

The Albany Zoning Code is a comprehensive set of regulations upon the use of land within the Village. The intent is to promote the public health, safety, and comfort of the residents of the Village and to conserve and protect property and property values and to secure the most appropriate use of land in accordance with the Albany Comprehensive Plan. It is executed by:

The Zoning Code is not in place to stop you from using your land. The Zoning Code is a tool to encourage the economic development of the Village, to protect the property rights of all individuals by assuring the compatibility of uses and practices within districts.

The Zoning Code can be viewed online in the Albany Code Library by using the link below. It is highly recommended that you contact the Albany Village Administrator prior to the start of any building project or change of use of a property. 

Change of Use.

If a property-owner should want to change the zoning district that a parcel is located in to possibly allow a different use, this process begins with a Petition for Zoning Code Amendment. This process can take up to ninety (90) days to complete. Contact the Albany Village Administrator for an application and assistance with your project.

Board of Zoning Appeals.

The BZA meets on an as-needed basis. All meetings and Hearings are open to the public with dates posted in advance as set forth in the Ohio Revised Code. Meeting and Hearing dates can also be found on the Village Calendar here.

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is judiciary in nature with the authority to hear and decide variance, conditional use permit, and administrative appeal applications.

The BZA operates under the authority of Ohio Revised Code Section 713.11. The members deliberate on their decisions after all the evidence on each case is presented in a public hearing. The BZA’s decision is final and appealable only to the Athens County Court of Common Pleas.

The Albany Board of Zoning Appeals was created to interpret the provisions of the Zoning Code and to hear the following:

Applications can be found online here.

BZA Membership.

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