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Albany Planning Commission

Albany Planning Commission.

Creation of the Commission.
The Albany Planning Commission was created by Albany Village Council as provided by Ohio Revised Code Section 713.01. The Planning Commission’s powers and duties are to plan the overall growth, development, redevelopment, rehabilitation and renewal of the Village.

Specific Duties.
The five-member commission is responsible for recommending both zoning text and zoning map amendments to Village Council for their adoption and it is also responsible for all planning and platting of land within the Village. The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing all structural, site and subdivision plans for Residential and Commercial development. The Commission reviews all lot splits, lot combinations and zone changes proposed within the Village.

The Planning Commission currently meets on an as needed basis. All meetings are open to the public and are posted in advance as required by law. The public is invited to attend all regular Commission meetings.

Planning Commission Membership.

  • Neal Reynolds, Chair
  • Elliot John-Conry, Secretary
  • Tim Kirkendall, Mayor
  • Bernie Campbell, Community member
  • Mark Ervin, Community member

Contact the Planning Commission through the Albany Village Administrator.

Below are several ideas that have the purpose of making our community stronger while we maintain the small-town charm we all desire. With proper planning and community involvment we CAN succeed!

View the Albany Comprehensive Plan today!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Quote – Benjamin Franklin

Downtown, Repurposed.

What could a revitalized downtown look like? (click either picture to enlarge)

The many historic buildings in downtown Albany serve as physical reminders of what came before us and help to create a sense of culture in this neighborhood. Our Historical buildings give us a way to study the past and make sense of the communities that came before us.

A revitalized downtown will strengthen our community and improve the livability and quality of life by expanding and attracting employment, shopping and social activities.

Tying it all together…Albany, Lake Snowden, Alexander Schools.

This project would allow movement between the Village, Lake Snowden, and the Alexander School campus without the dangers of crossing the busy 4-lane highway at grade.

Gordon K. Bush Airport.

March 26, 2022

Fun day at the Ohio University Gordon K. Bush Airport today!

Republic Airways flew in an Embraer 175 as a recruiting event for the Flight School students at Ohio.
Watch both videos by clicking on the images.
Special thanks to Jay Barnes for allowing us to use this video.
Taking off

Albany Business Park…..The Carpenter Road Plan

Idyllic Acres – Carpenter Road

Part of a larger 100 acre development, Idyllic acres is a 50 acre parcel that represents the center portion of the future Albany Business Park. Located on Carpenter Road and ready to develop, this property is zoned B-2 Business (Warehousing, Distribution, Office)

This drone video taken in 2019 provids a birds-eye view of the property giving a better understanding of the excellent qualities that await the right developer.

This 2-minute video will play on YouTube by clicking the picture.

click map to enlarge

Visit our Economic Development page for even more great information and ideas!

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