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Mayor and Staff

The Village Mayor and staff work very hard to serve the needs of our community.

Albany Mayor.

Albany Mayor Tim Kirkendall served six years on Village Council and was appointed as Mayor in September 2011. He has been elected to serve as Mayor in November 2011, 2015, and 2019.

The Mayor ensures that ordinances and resolutions passed by Village Council are faithfully obeyed and enforced, manages the Executive and Support staff as described below, and is very involved in the economic development projects of the Village.

Reach the Mayor by calling the Village office or by e-mail to
Tim Kirkendall

Village Administrator.

Village Administrator Kevin Brown oversees the day-to-day operations of the Village. He attends meetings of the Village Council, takes part in discussions of matters coming before the Council, supplies information and recommendations regarding development projects and the management and control of our public utilities. 

The Village Administrator acts as the Village’s Building and Zoning Administrator, enforces building and zoning codes, and reviews all plans making recommendations as needed.  The Administrator also oversees the repair and improvement of streets, sidewalks, sewers, drains, and water courses, as well as lighting and cleaning of streets and public buildings and places. 

You can reach the Village Administrator by calling the Village office or by e-mail to
Kevin Brown

Fiscal Officer.

Fiscal Officer Deborah Karns manages the financial operations of the Village ensuring compliance and accuracy of receipts, deposits, journals, and appropriate forms as required by the Ohio Revised Code. 

The Fiscal Officer acts as chief purchasing agent, and budget and appropriations officer of the Village, attends all meetings of Village Council, keeps records of its proceedings and of all rules, bylaws, resolutions and ordinances passed or adopted, and oversees the function of the Tax Department. 

You may e-mail our Fiscal Officer at

Deb Karns

Albany Police Chief.

Police Chief Joe Sprague is charged with providing professional, efficient and organized police protection along with community police related services to the citizens of Albany.

The Chief works to thoroughly train the department to prevent crime and to bring those who break the law within our community to justice while being kind, courteous, and professional to all.

The Albany Police Department strives to live up to the highest standards of complete law enforcement service and protection of the village.

You may email the Police Chief at

Joe Sprague

Village Solicitor.

Village Solicitor, Attorney Scott Robe, is the Chief Legal Officer of the Village. The Village Solicitor is principally responsible for the representation of the Village in all litigation.

The Solicitor serves as the prosecutor of violations charged under Village Code including traffic violations and municipal criminal code violations, defends the Village and its officers if sued, and brings and litigates lawsuits on the Village’s behalf.

While some activities of the Village Solicitor directly affect the public, most Solicitor activities involve advice to the Village officials. The role of the Village Solicitor does not include providing advice to members of the public or to village citizens regarding the various rights individuals enjoy as members of the community.

Scott Robe

Public Works Department

Utility-Office Clerk

Sherry Black Keirns is responsible for water and sewer billing and processing payments received for those accounts and provides additional administrative and clerical services as well as acting as the receptionist for the Village

You may contact our Utility-Office Clerk at

Sherry Black Keirns

Public Works Crew

Working to provide effective and efficient public services to the Village and its residents including landscaping, clean-up projects, general road maintenance and repair, monitoring and maintenance of water and sewer systems, work on emergency issues such as water main breaks, sewer back-up, snow removal, and other projects as needed.

Alan Trainer
William Cartell
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