Building Department

Building Department.

Building Department Function.
We are the gateway for development. The Building Department serves residents, businesses and developers by supporting new construction projects, renovation of existing buildings and building expansions. Working with the Albany Planning Commission and the Athens County Economic Development Council we actively encourage investment and reinvestment to ensure the Village remains an attractive and vibrant community in which to live and work, all while retaining our small-town charm!

Albany Village Administrator.
During the planning process for your big (or not so big) project, it is highly recommended that you first contact the Albany Village Administrator @ (740) 698-6127 for assistance before you begin. The Village Administrator also serves as the Village Zoning Administrator. You’ll get assistance to help you apply for and receive all needed permits such as a zoning certificate or a Building Permit Package. They will also help you with items such as driveway location, culvert sizing, water/sewer taps, and all other requirements of Albany Village Code that may apply.

Please consider the Village Administrator as your partner as you begin your building project. Albany welcomes your project, and we will always help guide you through the process to ensure success.

Building Permit Package.
A Building Permit Package includes a Building Permit an Excavation Permit, Demolition Permit, and Curb-cut/Driveway Opening Permit along with specifications and a checklist to help you along the process. See Required Permits Chart for additional help or contact the Village Administrator.

Planning to build or develop in Albany?

Permits must be obtained for accessory structures such as pools, carports, storage barns, etc.

Multi-family and Commercial building construction must comply with all State and County Building regulations as well as local zoning regulations.

The Building Department is involved in all activities associated with residential and commercial building construction, including reviewing plans for conformance with building and zoning codes and performing on-site inspections to monitor for compliance with the building and zoning codes.

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Zoning Certificate

The issuance of a Zoning Certificate is required prior to any property development or change of use as defined in §155.822 of the Albany Zoning Code.

Regardless of whether or not a building permit is required for construction activities, any change of use, establishment of a new use or new business occupancy must be reviewed and issued a Zoning Certificate by the Zoning Administrator. Projects approved through the Site Development Plan process will be issued a Zoning Certificate upon completion of the plan review. If you have a question whether this section is applicable to your proposal, please contact the Zoning Administrator.

Site Development Plan

Site Development Plans are required for all new construction, reconstruction, or the expansion of structures within all zoning districts, except for single-family dwelling or duplex dwelling units in residential zones.  

Site development plans must also be submitted for proposed changes to previously approved development plans.  Such plans must be prepared by professionally qualified persons, including certified architects, engineers, surveyors.  Albany’s review procedures require a preliminary site plan review and final site plan review by the Albany Planning Commission.  More information can be found in Albany Village Code Chapter 156.

Failure to obtain the correct permit or certificate may expose you to a penalty under law.